Skyn Arouse For Her Libido Supplements 60 Tablets

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Size: 60 Tablets
Brand: SxWell
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Directions: Directions for Use: Adults only. Take 2 tablets daily with food or as recommended by your healthcare professional.
Ingredients: Horney Goat Weed (Epimedium Sagittatum extract (150 mg) equiv. dry herb top 3 g, Guarana (Paullinia Cupana extract 45.46 mg) equiv. dry seed 181.82 mg [Contains Caffeine 10mng], Puncture Vine (Tribulus Terrestris extract 60 mg) equiv. dry fruit 3 g, Gingko (Ginkgo Biloba extract 60 mg) equiv. dry leaf 3 g, Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus Senticosus extract 33.33 mg) equiv. dry root and rhizome 500 mg, Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera extract 30 mg) equiv. dry root 1.5 g, Magnesium (Magnesium Citrate 259.91 mg) 40 mg, Zinc (Zinc Citrate Dihydrate 3.2 mg) 1 mg, Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 10 microgram, Pyridoxine (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 6.33 mg) 5.2 mg, Pantothenic Acid (Calcium Pantothenate 17.47 mg) 16 mg, Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) 56 mg, Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) 50 microgram.
Product Warnings: If symptoms persist, talk to your health profession. Caffeine intake more than 200 mg per day is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Contains caffeine 10 mg per tablet, total caffeine 20 mg per daily dose. A cup of instant coffee contains approximately 80 mg of caffeine. Not to be used during pregnancy, lactation or by people with heart conditions. If you are considering becoming pregnant, do not take without consulting a health professional.

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