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Balance is really the key. However, it’s not easily achieved. Often, without even realising, we get pulled too far in one direction, throwing us all out of whack. There is a great irony in the fact that it’s actually easier to work more. We’re constantly called or compelled to put in more time at the office, or on the job site, or now at home, behind the keyboard. Typically at the expense of our own diet, health, relationships and general wellbeing. Think about it. How often have you made a poor choice at the cafe counter because you’re feeling worn out or run down? How many times have you missed that chance to squeeze in some exercise because those emails simply must be written before you can head off? How many times have you sacrificed doing something you enjoy or spending time with someone you enjoy because of a perceived sense of obligation? Prioritising our health and wellbeing can be a challenge of the highest order but it’s something that we have to specifically prioritise, otherwise we aren’t going to hit the target and that has very real consequences for both our physical and mental health. 

Somebody who knows all about the importance of prioritising health is Frank Caruso. Frank Caruso is now best known for his company Caruso’s Natural Health, which offers a vast array of natural products designed to support healthy bodies and minds. Frank’s story is an inspiring one in which he went from an obese young man, self-conscious of his appearance and health but unconscious when it came to the dietary choices he was making and the negative impact it was wreaking on his health and wellbeing. Frank illustrates this obliviousness when he tells the story of the moment that really changed his life and put him on the path towards good health. ‘One day I arrived at the gym with a burger in one hand and a can of soft drink in the other. George (the gym owner) pulled me aside and said, “Frank, it’s really great that you’re training here, but if you don’t change your diet you won’t live a long and healthy life... What you eat today, is what you are tomorrow!”’

George then further encouraged Frank by telling him to read Paul Bragg’s bestelling book, ‘The Miracle of Fasting’. After some reluctance he found he couldn’t put it down and began devouring every book he could find on natural living. He began applying his learning to his own life, with impressive results. Frank was so altered and inspired by what he had been exposed to that he desperately wanted to share his revelations with others and opened his own health food store in 1982, at the age of 28. 

During his time running the store he became moved to further utilise his passion for health by creating his own range of vitamins. Thus, Caruso’s was born, with the company now offering over 100 different products designed to enhance your health. 

The initial focus of Caruso’s was on offering a small range of internal cleansing products, designed to support digestion and ease the load on the digestive system. Whilst the products continue to maintain a focus on allowing the body to heal, they have expanded to offer products that provide benefits across a vast array of health conditions, not only physical but also mental and emotional. If you have found yourself in the situation where things have become really imbalanced in your life and your mental health is suffering then Caruso’s offers some fantastic products to help promote effective sleep, whilst reducing tension. Some of these include Caruso’s Anxiety Aid, MindEZE, Sleep More, Stress and Anxiety Spray and Stress Clear. 

Each of the products makes use of premium natural ingredients, all committed to Frank’s original mission to pass on a healthy lifestyle via, ‘eating to live’, rather than, ‘living to eat.’ 

Some of the key ingredients utilised to promote a more resilient and relaxed mental state include:

  • Lavender oil
Lavender is renowned for its calming effects on the nervous system. This makes lavender a go to when looking to reduce feelings of mild anxiety, nervous energy or restlessness. As a result, lavender also has the benefit of improving the quality of your sleep by allowing you to achieve a deeper sleep through its relaxing impact on the nervous system. If you find your mind starts racing everytime you hit the pillow then Caruso’s MindEZE is where to look for the calming power of lavender oil.
  • Melissa Officinilas (Lemon balm)
Lemon balm has been a staple in European medicine for the herb’s ability to reduce nervous tension. Lemon balm works to soothe the nerves, helping to achieve that sought after balance for your moods. It has the added benefit of increasing mental clarity and focus. Whilst a sharp mindfulness might not sound that relaxing, a clear mind is far more calm than a restless mind and equates to far better moods and sleep. Check out Caruso’s Stress and Anxiety Spray to take advantage of the power of lemon balm. 
  • Eleutherococcus Senticosus (Siberian ginseng) and Panax ginseng (Korean ginseng)
Both these ingredients are staples of Chinese Medicine, with both having a strongly restorative effect, allowing for greater resilience when coping with stress. Eleutherococcus has specific immune system benefits, helping the body to heal when feeling run down or faced with illness. Panax, on the other hand, has benefits relating to the reproductive system, beyond just its ability to reduce restlessness and promote sleep. Check out Caruso’s Stress Clear if this sounds like something you might benefit from.

With many nutrient supplements and herbal medicines having supportive evidence of efficacy in the treatment of some mental health disorders, Caruso’s products offer a high quality source to support improved mental health. However, just as Frank Caruso discovered all those years ago, just trying to target one aspect of a healthy lifestyle, like exercising, won't be enough if you don’t have things like diet and healthy relationships managed effectively. As we kicked off with, balance is key and Caruso’s products can be a tool to help you build that elusive balanced existence.


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