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It’s a quandary we’ve all faced: when the skin care routine is robust (with no signs of decreasing), and the suitcase space for upcoming travel plans is limited. So which skin care products do you prioritise, so that your regime is still working hard while you take a break? 

Firstly (and obviously) this depends on what makes up your skin care routine in the first place. So let’s break this down according to chief skin concerns, and products that treat them.


The mission statement here is clear: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! If your current regime doesn’t include hyaluronic acid then we don’t know what you’ve been doing! Not only do you need to go pick up a bottle of the moisture-loving magic potion, but you need to pack it straight into that suitcase! It will keep your skin hydrated while you’re dehydrating one cocktail at a time! 

To save space, we’re going to pack a moisturiser that is suitable for both day and night. As someone with ever-thirsty skin, I recommend you pack a thicker one. Not only will it be like a tall glass of water for your skin, but it will give you a constant glow, fitting of your Barbados holiday!

Last (literally speaking), but certainly not least, is sunscreen! You’ve been preached to for years now on the absolute, non-negotiable necessity of sunscreen application. Rain, hail or shine, there is no weather condition that makes you exempt from having to slip, slop, slap. There are plenty of brands that have developed a sunscreen that caters to people with dry skin…so make sure it is packed. No exceptions!


First of all, we understand your predicament! We might otherwise have the most supple, luminous skin, but if it is even slightly congested with pimples, we see nothing else! This leads us straight to our second point: pimples are boringly common and have no bearing on your internal or external value! Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s work on clearing up your skin whilst you vacay!

Pimples are typically a product of hormones, poor diet and/or oil production. They can be very hard to kick (and even harder not to pick!). 

Niacinamide is a holy grail ingredient for those of you with oily skin. Among its many benefits, it regulates oil production and eases inflammation, which means the redness that comes as a generous bi-product of your acne will significantly dissipate. 

Salicylic acid is another hero active ingredient for fighting acne! Alongside its pore-clearing benefits, this ingredient loosens dead skin cells and reduces inflammation (the redness that accompanies acne). Salicylic acid can take many forms; from serums to toners, this is an ingredient that you don’t want to leave behind!

Moisturiser is also very important to bring along with you, but it is important to make sure you have the right one. For exceptionally oily skin, water-based moisturisers are more beneficial for your face. Same with cleansers: make sure to pack one that is not oil-based!

Sunscreen is another essential for the travel bag. And not to sound too broken record-ish, but make sure it is one that is specially formulated for oily skin! Trust us, it makes a difference. 

Diet can be a huge cause of acne-ridden skin, so it may just be the case that you have to be as conscious of what you eat as of what you are putting on your skin, in order to keep pimples at bay. We know, this is not the news you wanted to hear right before you go on a holiday. It gives us no pleasure to be the bearer of it…promise!


This seems like a redundant category. We all have aging skin, don’t we? We love aging. It is a privilege, not a right…right?! And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with crow's feet, laugh lines and other fine lines and wrinkles, we know that some of you feel better in your skin when you are doing something about them. 

There are some ingredients that are proven to have powerful anti-aging properties. Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are both known for their ability to reduce signs of aging. Vitamin C also targets skin tone; helping to diminish the appearance of dark spots that tend to develop as we get older. Both improve skin elasticity, keeping our skin more supple and youthful-looking for longer!

Retinol is the pies de resistance of an anti-aging skin care regime. So pack it. Pack it immediately. Known to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through its ability to exfoliate the skin and increase collagen production, retinol is in constant demand in many people’s skin care routines. No need to take a break from the benefits of retinol while you take a break on holidays!

Sunscreen is another product that you must not, I repeat: must not, neglect from your luggage! Protecting your skin from sun damage is one of the most surefire ways to preserve its youthful, bouncy appearance. Learn from everyone who basted themselves in oil before sunbaking decades prior and coat yourself in SPF!

For long-haul flights, bringing a sleeping mask will be doing your skin an absolute solid, no matter what the condition of your skin is! Anything that will pack in the hydration is optimal to replace the hydration that your skin loses whilst being in a plane. Keep any hydrating products you’re packing in your carry-on, so you can apply them during the flight. Serums, masks, oils and thick balms and moistuisers will all help replenish the hydration in your skin and make sure you land on the other side with glowy, supple skin!

It’s all well and good to send you off with the essentials of your skin care routine, but we don’t want you to lose it through airport security! So for travel within and from Australia, it is good to keep in mind that any liquids you take in your carry-on must be in containers of 100 milliliters or 100 grams or less, and fit into a transparent and resealable bag. 


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