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For the largest organ in the body, the epidermis sure does come with its own host of conditions, disorders, problems and issues. The skin on the face can cause the most grief as it’s hard to hide and despite the phrase “best foot forward”, it would be hard to argue with the fact that the face is making the first impression. While some problems can be cleared up with pharmacy advice and even supermarket products, serious skin issues require a visit to the GP or dermatologist. Whether you’ve just got over a bout of acne, rosacea, dry or irritated skin, sunburn, cellulitis or something else, maintenance of healthy skin is paramount. But where to begin? It can be hard to wade through the noise to work out a simple, no-fuss skin routine that can help sustain the healthy skin you’ve worked so hard for. What brand should we use? What do all those ingredients mean? How many steps should the routine be? Do we really need the acids and the active ingredients, the toners, eye creams, masques, exfoliants and oils? 

As the rise of social media has ushered in the democratisation of skincare, it can be hard to sort the heroes from the hype. These days you can find a five star review for virtually any product, but can you trust it? In the world of the “#shelfie” and the thousands of “skinfluencers” with subtly sponsored content, humble, effective products can be lost to gimmick packaging, endless promo and fluff. Despite the barrage of products claiming to do all manner of magical things to your skin, one Australian staple stands the test of time as hype-free, simple and effective - while still managing to wow the world of TikTok and Instagram. You’ve probably seen it in your Nanna’s bathroom cupboard, on your 15 year-old-cousin’s sink, maybe even popped into your best mate’s shower. Whether you’re a skin junkie with all the latest fads or you’re here to move on from simply splashing your face with soap and water, you’d be familiar with the brand Cetaphil. Much-loved and trusted by Aussies for years, it’s the perfect starting place for a simple, everyday routine to maintain clear and healthy skin. And it’s not just Nanna who loves Cetaphil - their Gentle Cleanser is the #1 sensitive skincare recommended by doctors and dermatologists.

See, what you really need for an everyday routine is simplicity. You need products that do what they promise, without the hype. And we’re not just talking about simple packaging or names - the beauty of Cetaphil is the simple ingredients list. The Cetaphil cleanser contains just eight ingredients: water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearyl alcohol, methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben. No added fragrance, no endless list of numbers and additives - just simple, hype-free skincare and this is what your skin needs (just ask Nanna)!

A Simple Skincare Routine to Maintain Healthy, Blemish-free Skin:

  1. Cleanser
    A cleanser tailored to your skin type is the first key in looking after your skin. Each day our skin is exposed to (often invisible) dirt and pollution, as well as producing sweat and oil that can clog the pores. A bar of soap from the supermarket may claim to “cleanse” but it  can be harsh and irritating, so it’s important to opt for gentle cleansers. Look for one that maintains your skin’s normal pH balance (pH being the numeric scale that indicates how acidic or alkaline something is - we want to maintain a “4.7” for healthy skin) and doesn’t damage its natural protective barrier. Cetaphil cleansers are dermatologically tested and clinically shown to maintain your skin’s pH and natural moisture, making them ideal for sensitive skin. Those with oily skin should look for a cleanser that is “non comedogenic” - meaning specially designed not to clog pores and that regulates the skin’s sebum, such Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Removing Foam Wash. Cleansing should happen first thing in the morning and as the first step in an evening skin routine. Be careful not to over cleanse, limit it to twice a day, and always pat the face dry with a towel.
  2. Day moisturiser - no matter what kind of skin you have!
    This can seem counterintuitive if your skin feels oily, but maintaining the balance in your skin is important - even visibly oily skin can lack the moisture it needs. Choosing a non-comedogenic moisturiser (such as Cetaphil Pro Acne Prone Oil-free Facial Moisturising Lotion) is a great choice for oily skin, as these products tend to have a lighter texture or less oily ingredients to prevent pores from becoming blocked. For those with dry skin, a hot tip is to apply moisturiser to damp skin to “trap” some of that moisture in and keep skin soft and smooth. This is where Nanna’s cult classic Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion can come in handy, or for even dryer skin you may opt for Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion.
    Apply the moisturiser all over the face and neck and give it time to absorb before applying makeup for the day.
  3. Sunscreen - not just for hot days! Skin damage, ageing and even more serious conditions are induced by UV radiation, and any kind of sun exposure will mean exposure to UV. Regular use of sunscreen can guard against free radicals, with an SPF of 30 recommended as the minimum needed for protection against the Aussie sun. 
  4. Night cream or moisturiser. Take advantage of the body’s rest period by using a product designed to hydrate your skin overnight. A nourishing night cream like Cetaphil Rich Hydrating Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid can protect skin from dryness throughout the night.

While a simple routine like this can’t guarantee against breakouts or the return of a skin issue or concern, it’s certainly your best defence against a build up of dirt, oil and grime and damage from the sun. Centering your skincare regimen around a tried and trusted product like Cetaphil can help keep things simple and effective (and make Nanna proud), without worrying about hype. As ever, if the problems persist, do see your pharmacist, GP or dermatologist. 


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