Arthritis Symptoms in bones

There are certain universal truths when it comes to health. Basic things that will have a big impact, not just on certain aspects of your health but on your entire wellbeing. However, just because they are basic doesn’t necessarily mean they are easy or readily applied by everyone. As of 2018, 2 in 3 (67%) Australians aged over 18 were considered to be overweight or obese in a study conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. That’s a pretty telling statistic, highlighting that eating a well balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise is not the experience of a vast majority of people in this country. Now, obesity is a complex issue. Social, environmental and economic factors all play into the equation. There is a clear correlation between obesity and the rise in the availability of fast food, coupled with increasingly sedentary lives, whether that’s in the workplace or at home.With this increase in the prevalence of obesity we also see a huge increase in other diseases, really driving home the importance of those healthy basics of a good diet and exercise. One such health condition that becomes increasingly likely as a result of obesity and a lack of exercise is arthritis. 

Whilst experts are not entirely sure what causes arthritis, there are many factors that can contribute to the vast variety of arthritis disorders. Arthritis is an umbrella term for over 100 conditions that impact upon the joints of the body. Joints are anywhere in the body where two or more bones meet. Think wrists, knuckles, hips, knees and ankles. Arthritis creates inflammation in these areas, creating all kinds of pain and discomfort. Now, whilst the swelling or stiffness in the joints is likely caused by a fault somewhere in the immune system, which may be genetic and outside of your control, there are a plethora of environmental factors that are well within your control. 

  • Any excess weight you’re carrying will place increased stress on the joints.
  • Inactivity will exacerbate the problem, increasing stiffness.
  • Smoking, the enemy of good health, will likely increase the severity of symptoms. 

This is where Caruso’s comes in to support you with products that will assist you in applying the necessary lifestyle changes to minimise and best treat the symptoms of arthritis. 

Frank Caruso, the owner of Caruso’s Natural Health, which offers a vast array of natural products designed to support healthy bodies and minds, was an obese young man himself. He was self-conscious of his appearance and health but unconscious when it came to the dietary choices he was making and the negative impact it was wreaking on his health and wellbeing. Frank illustrates his obliviousness when he tells the story of the moment that really changed his life and put him on the path towards good health. ‘One day I arrived at the gym with a burger in one hand and a can of soft drink in the other. George (the gym owner) pulled me aside and said, “Frank, it’s really great that you’re training here, but if you don’t change your diet you won’t live a long and healthy life... What you eat today, is what you are tomorrow!”’

George then further encouraged Frank by telling him to read Paul Bragg’s bestselling book, ‘The Miracle of Fasting’. After some reluctance he found he couldn’t put it down and began devouring every book he could find on natural living. He began applying his learning to his own life, with impressive results. Frank was so altered and inspired by what he had been exposed to that he desperately wanted to share his revelations with others and opened his own health food store in 1982, at the age of 28. 

During his time running the store he became moved to further utilise his passion for health by creating his own range of vitamins. Thus, Caruso’s was born, with the company now offering over 100 different products designed to enhance your health. 

When it comes to those suffering arthritis there are a range of products designed to offer support. Caruso’s Arthritis Fighter is one such product, utilising key anti-inflammatory ingredients, like turmeric. Turmeric is known to promote joint health by decreasing inflammation and swelling, whilst increasing mobility and flexibility in the joints. The capsules also contain Greenshell Green Lipped Mussel, which is a rich source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids, which offer further anti-inflammatory benefits for the joints.

Another herbal therapeutic product with significant anti-inflammatory properties offered by Caruso’s is Boswellia 2500. Boswellia has a group of active components that are drawn from the herb collectively known as Boswellic acids. This ingredient offers relief from joint pain by reducing the wear and tear on cartilage and reducing inflammation. 

Now, these Caruso’s products are fantastic for treating the direct symptoms of arthritis but as mentioned previously, there is no substitute for the basics of a healthy diet and exercise and Caruso’s has your back in these areas too. 

There is some evidence to suggest that eating healthy fats, such as monounsaturated and Omega-3 fats, rather than unhealthy fats, such as polyunsaturated fats, can help reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Increasing your consumption of health supporting foods like fish, nuts, fruit and vegetables, as well as lowering saturated fat heavy foods like red meat, poultry and full-fat dairy, can go a long way to lowering weight and decreasing the pressure on joints. Products like Caruso’s King Krill 1000, which is a convenient source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids can help to round out a balanced diet by ensuring you are getting the levels of good fats you need. 

When it comes to exercise, Caruso’s has a further array of products designed to help boost energy. One such product is Caruso’s Co-Enzyme Q10. Co-Enzyme Q10 is a nutrient found in every cell of your body and is part of a metabolic process through which your body’s fuel is produced. If you find that you are lacking the energy needed to maintain a healthy exercise routine then these capsules can be a big support in charging you up and helping you to maintain endurance. 

Regardless of whether you are treating arthritis or simply trying to take the steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle to manage or avoid arthritis, Caruso’s range of products can play an incredibly helpful role in your fight against the dreaded pain and stiffness of arthritis. 


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