Puncture Wound | First Aid

I pray that you never need to use this information. Treating puncture wounds is a critical part of first aid. It could be as innocent as tripping and falling onto something sharp, or it could be a malicious attack with a knife. But knowing this could make all the difference. A cool head under pressure saves lives. Let’s get stuck in. Poor choice of words? Maybe… 

  1. Begin First Aid
  • Danger: Are you as the first aider in any risk of approaching the casualty? Is there a violent knife fight underway? Are there many sharp objects on a slippery surface? As brutal as it sounds, you need to protect yourself first and foremost. Adding a second casualty only exacerbates the situation for the medical professionals.
  • Response: Is our casualty responsive? If so, we can rule out a whole host of problems. If not, we will need to be checking around their airways and looking for breathing. 
  • Send for help: I am of the opinion that this might actually be best done straight away. Either way, as long as it gets done. First aid is not really intended to heal somebody of their injury. More often than not, you are simply buying time until a paramedic can arrive. 

Treating for shock

For the sake of this exercise, I am going to assume

Stemming the bleeding

Sterilising the wound



Puncture wound


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