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We are pretty tolerant in 2022.

After having lived through a pandemic for the last two and a half years, we understand that people will be wearing masks, occasionally coughing, et cetera and so forth. But there remains something that remains slightly taboo; something which is very difficult to come back from if you need to do this in public.

I am talking, of course, about scratching yourself – particularly in and around the underpants region. As a chemist, I am fairly forgiving. I know that there are a whole host of reasons as to why you might need to satisfy that urge, but many of my clients find it to be a sore point. Perhaps it is a hangover from the Victorian era, where the have-nots were lice ridden and the haves did their best to stay away from such people. Whatever the reason, there remains to this day some itches that you just can’t scratch in polite society.

Luckily for you, we’ve got a cream for that! When my clients shuffle in, squirming and scratching, I will often point them towards Dermaid cream, because it acts as a silver bullet for all things itchy and rashy. Essentially, it uses an anti-inflammatory agent called hydrocortisone to temporarily soothe the receptors in your skin that are communicating the itch sensation to your brain. This moment of sweet sweet relief allows you to clean the area and let it run its due course without scratching it and prolonging the awkwardness of the public scratch.

There are a number of conditions which Dermaid Cream will works its magic on, including, but not limited to:

  1. Dermatitis
    This is a generalized term for a rash or skin condition, and it can appear at any point on your body. It usually manifests as a dry itchy rash, but on occasion, it can cause the skin to blister, or flake off entirely. Hardly an enviable position. A few days of Dermaid Cream is generally enough to give the skin some relief and time to heal. If it becomes infected or becomes so painful that you can’t get to sleep, you should certainly see your GP. 
  2. Eczema
    This is a chronic inflammation of the skin which often appears in early childhood. It shows up if the skin is unable to repair itself, and is the result of a gene mutation called filaggrin. The symptoms include dryness of the skin, scaly areas around the joints that are regularly rubbing and stretching, weeping from the affected areas, and in extreme cases, sores that become infected. Good hygiene goes a long way, but sometimes you can’t avoid the things which cause a flare-up. When this inevitably happens, Dermaid Cream provides a powerful anti-inflammatory needed to put a dampener on the fire.
  3. Psoriasis
    Ever notice how anything medical with a silent letter is generally annoying? Psoriasis is no exception. It is a skin disease which (like excema) often shows up on the knees, elbows, and scalp. This is a fairly cyclical condition, often giving grief for a couple of weeks before vanishing for months or years at a time. Regrettably, there is no permanent cure, but we can deal with the flare ups when they arise. Again, a course of Dermaid Cream will help you to live through these episodes without wanting to buy a rake and scratch yourself incessantly.
  4. Rashes due to cosmetics and jewellery
    Those rashes that emerge in around areas where you wear make-up or jewellery can have a range of different causes. Perhaps your skin hasn’t been able to breathe adequately, and the buildup of gunk has caused a slight irritation. Perhaps, you are vaguely allergic to something which is touching your skin all day. Nickel is a common offender here. And while you will need to isolate and identify the culprit, Dermaid Cream will alleviate the symptoms in the meantime.
  5. itching genital and anal areas
    Yep, this is the one where you really need some immediate relief, or you will risk some furtive glances from your coworkers. The origin of this itch could be a whole host of things, but one of the most common causes is a rash caused by sweat and tight fitting clothing. You know the drill. Some cream will sort it out pronto. But nothing changes if nothing changes.
  6. Sunburn
    When we get profoundly sunburnt, we can end up with peeling and blistered skin. When that happens, we have lost our first defence against infection, and we leave ourselves open to various infections and inflammations. At risk of repeating myself, Dermaid Cream’s antiinflammatory properties will minimise the itching which gives you the best chance to let the skin heal itself.
  7. Other types of dermatitis
    Dermatitis is a many headed beast. The lovely thing about Dermaid Cream is that it deals with the symptoms no matter the cause. So, you may still need to see a doctor to deal with the actual problem, Dermaid lets you go throughout your day without losing your sanity. And the best part? Even if you have something truly unusual that doesn’t require an antiinflammatory cream, there are no side effects or downsides to using Dermaid in the meantime. If anything you will just have slightly more moisturised skin.

There is one thing you should keep in mind when using Dermaid Cream however. It is so efficient, that sometimes it can reduce the itchiness and the rash of something which might need actual medication. In this instance, it is almost like you are turning off the smoke detectors: great if they are malfunctioning, but not so great if the kitchen is on fire. This isn’t a significant problem. It is worth making sure you keep an eye on whatever you are scratching to make sure that it isn’t anything that needs the intervention of a doctor.

This little tube is one of those things you don’t know you need until you are scratching like a madman. Luckily, our shelves are deep. Pick up a tube today and save yourself from madness tomorrow!



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