Filling Prescriptions and Providing medicines

The average Australian visits a pharmacy over a dozen times a year.

Let that sink it.

That means that most Australians see their pharmacist more than their doctor. Many Australians would have seen their pharmacist more than some of their nearest and dearest.

Pharmacies play a crucial role in the community. In the past, the local pharmacist would have known their regulars by name. 

But I also know that for many, time at the pharmacy waiting for prescriptions to be filled robs us of precious moments elsewhere. 

And for some of us – the single parent, your elderly neighbour, or the time-poor university student – getting to a pharmacy is tricky.

That’s why one of our goals at Aussie Pharmacy is to make online prescriptions as accessible, reliable, and fast as possible. All delivered directly to your door.

But before I tell you about the way of the future, I want you to cast your mind back to the past. 

Australia’s first pharmacy

It’s 1835, and you’ve just stepped into the first Australia pharmacy. The steam train just had its tenth birthday. The first Australian streetlamps are still fifty years away. 

It’s a different world to today. There’s no internet, no long haul Sydney-to-London flight, no Netflix. It’s the bushranger era, the convict era, the goldrush era. 

But you’re not thinking about any of that.

You’re just thinking about getting your prescription filled.

The pharmacy is a little darker than you expected and it smells strangely of sawdust. 

You step forward and ring the little silver bell on the counter. The sound sings out through the pharmacy, and a chemist appears through a door that leads into the belly of the shop. 

You hand over prescription. The chemist squints, carefully making out the doctor’s difficult handwriting. The chemist nods, mumbles something, then turns towards the back of the store. 

Fast forward to right now.

You’ve unlocked your phone. You’ve Google prescriptions online Australia. Bingo. And now you’re here, jotting down some details in your notes app, or on the back of your hand with a biro you found in your topic, or on your wall planner (that’s very organised of you; I’m impressed). 

What brings you here? The same four things that brought our predecessors into the first ever Australia pharmacy.

Why get your prescriptions online?

  1. Unrivalled convenience

The most obvious reason for using online prescription is simple: convenience.

After all, why do anything online?

With an online pharmacy service, you can cross this task of your to do list while your sitting on the bus, watching Squid Game, waiting for your flat white, or on the phone to Ikea. Just send us your prescription or use your electronic prescription and we will prepare, package, and deliver.

Online pharmacy services also make it easy to get repeats when you need then. You can store your records safely and securely. Piece of mind + ease of use = winner.

Doing all this between 9am and 5pm: good. Being able to do this 24/7: even better.

  1. The same expertise as a brick-and-mortar chemist

Of course, there’s more to life than convenience.

There’s a big difference between ordering your Christmas gifts online and getting a prescription filled online. After all, the socks that you ordered for nanna birthday aren’t quite as important as the prescription you’re ordered for son or daughter (no offence, nanna). If the electronics retailer accidentally sends you a large dehumidifier unit instead a set of discount frypans, then it’s annoying but not the end of the world (unless your dinner guests are arriving in a few hours).

But when it comes to your prescriptions, you need someone you can trust. 

I absolutely understand. Pharmacists are one of the most trusted professions in Australia. We want to keep that hard-earned reputation alive. That’s why all our prescriptions are filled by the same experts [is this correct] you’d find in a brick-and-mortar chemist. 

Personally, I think the pharmacist behind the counter is an Australian icon. Seriously. And we make sure we employ as many of these Australian icons as possible. If you could hit rewind on your delivery and followed it back in the direction it came, you would see it travel right back to where it started: in the hands of one of our hero chemists [is this correct].

  1. You can’t put a price on your health (but it’s nice when your prescriptions won’t cost you an arm and a leg).

It’s nice to know that you can get your online prescriptions filled without breaking the bank. We’re big enough to arrange the best prices possible, meaning that you get discount pharmacy value with bespoke pharmacy service. That’s something that we pride ourselves on. We cut prices without cutting corners.

Once you’ve finished getting your prescriptions online, you can browse our store for thousands of other great products. 

  1. Because it’s just what the doctor ordered

Why does anyone go to an Australia pharmacy to get a prescription? It’s because a doctor has sent them. I love that pharmacists get to play a part. Ultimately, Aussie Pharmacy isn’t so different from the very first pharmacy that emerged in Australia: we want people to access the prescriptions they need as simply as possible.

The pharmacy of the future

I’ve spoken about the past, I’ve spoken about the present, but what about the pharmacy of the future? Will you seen have your prescriptions delivered to you via drones? Will our couriers get around in jetpacks?

It’s hard to say. When I look back even on the past ten years, I’m amazed at what we’ve seen. I’m not just talking about pharmacies, either – in the last few years alone, we’ve seen the amount of change that previous generations wouldn’t have experienced in a lifetime.

Whatever the future holds, at Aussie Pharmacy we’ll keep bringing you service you’ll love, with expertise you can trust, with the convenience that you’ve come to expect. 

We weren’t there in 1835, but we’ll be here in the future, whatever it holds.


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