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You walk into the vitamins and supplements aisle of any supermarket these days and it has the same kind of hypnotic effect that a trip to Kmart and Bunnings does; you are definitely leaving with more than you intended to. All you were after were the iron tablets your GP had advised you take everyday to increase your blood pressure. Now you are convincing yourself that your holistic wellness lies underneath the coloured caps of vitamin D, fish oil and hydrolyzed marine collagen tablets. A kid in a candy store now has the same kind of connotations as an adult in a vitamin store. Multivitamins, especially, have become a household norm, as consumers take very kindly to the idea of maintaining their health with one or two tablets that target multiple concerns. Swisse Hair Skin Nails is one such tablet; promoting healthy hair, glowing skin and stronger nails. But how exactly does it fulfil its bold proclamations in these areas? Let’s dissect them.


Our hair is not usually something we comprehend the health and wellbeing of, or how it requires nutrients along with the rest of our body. Deficiencies in our nutrients can affect our hair, causing hair loss to varying degrees or breakage if our hair starts becoming weak and brittle. A healthy scalp looks like at least 85% of hair follicles growing actively, while 15% are resting at any given time. It is normal to lose about a hundred hairs a day in a typical cycle. Washing our hair can help get rid of the loose ones, while newly growing hair follicles will help push them out also. 

Biotin is a key ingredient in overall hair health, known to improve our body’s keratin infrastructure. Keratin is one of the basic proteins that make up our hair, skin and nails. Vitamin C is also a major player in helping our body absorb iron, which is a necessary mineral for the promotion of hair growth. Zinc is not just good for our skin. It is also credited for its ability to grow and repair hair tissue, as well as keeping the oil glands surrounding the hair follicles working at an optimum rate. Essentially, taking these Swisse multivitamin tablets will give you the kind of bounce and shine that a good blow dry does. In a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Already, you had us at ‘bounce and shine’. 


We know by now that our skin is our biggest organ, so it deserves some attention paid to it, right? More than treating it to a face mask every once in a while, and exfoliating away its dead cells, there are things you can do to help your skin from the inside out. Enter: Swisse Hair Skin Nails Ultiboost tablets. Where the combination of biotin, zinc, vitamin C and milk thistle are working together to maintain (or restore) skin elasticity and hydrate the heck out of it. 

Biotin is a very important vitamin that helps our body convert food (more specifically; fats, glucose and proteins) into energy. The vitamin also plays an important role in the formation of fatty acids that nourish the skin. A biotin deficiency in our body can translate as a red scaly rash on the skin. Biotin deficiencies, however, are about as common as a heat rash during winter. Zinc is a really good way of keeping cell walls stable and to help them divide and specialise as they grow. It is also an incredibly effective vitamin in helping skin heal after injury. Over the years it has proven to be one of the more effective treatments of acne, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C is a renowned hero ingredient of any skincare product and regime. It helps to brighten, hydrate, reduce redness and hyperpigmentation, protect against sun damage and promote collagen production. We told you: hero! Milk thistle is a lesser used but equally helpful herb that helps to promote healthy skin. Studies of it have confirmed its antioxidant properties and anti-aging effects on human skin cells. Basically, this multivitamin is the Benjamin Button Effect in a tablet.


Got nails you’re not proud of? Instead of shoving your hands into your pocket or disguising the state of their appearance with a good mani/pedi, why not treat the issue internally, and take the tablet that claims to strengthen your nails from within?

Studies have shown that biotin is also key in improving nail strength and overall health. A daily dose of it can help reduce nails splitting and breaking. The same can be said of zinc, a key ingredient in the tablet which helps to keep proteins in the body strong. It has been said that if the zinc deficiency within the body is sizable enough, it can cause a person to lose their nails altogether. Of course, this is a relatively irregular occurrence. The nails will become brittle and weak long before they loosen from the nailbed entirely. Swisse Hair Skin Nails is a great reason to get on top of your wellness before it reaches this point, anyway. Ironically, a zinc deficiency can be recognised within our bodies if white dots start to appear on our nails. Vitamin C proves to be an indirect but effective form of nail health treatment. It works by strengthening our skin, bones, connective tissue and blood vessel walls, which will collectively assist in the maintenance of nail health. Hi ho, hi ho, off to work they go! These ingredients are so hard working you almost want to pay them overtime. 

They’re like Jack’s magic beans, except real, and you’ll come out with glowing hair, skin and enviably healthy nails instead of a beanstalk (much more helpful, if you ask us). The active ingredients in the Swisse Hair Skin Nails vitamins are proven by countless studies for their bountifully positive effects on the health of each of these areas. As a multivitamin, it makes the idea of taking care of physical features that might so easily be neglected, appealing. They’re no magic beans, but their results might well make you start believing in magic. 


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