Any guesses?

No, it isn’t analgesics, which, despite the first two syllables, are to be taken orally. It’s not even vitamin C pills which some people seem to pop like tic tacs (don’t worry, the excess passes in your urine and is rarely harmful).

It’s sustagen. And it’s not even close. I’ve had sleep deprived parents try and buy it as baby formula, I’ve had muscled up gym junkies ask if it is a protein shake. Today, I thought I’d set the record straight, once and for all, by answering what seems to be a fairly common question: What is sustagen, and when should I take it?

What is it?

Well, there are many different kinds, but a very simple answer would be that it is a supplement which comes in a powder that can be added to milk or water to help support good health. To get any more specific would be to explain why you would take it.

Supporting Your Health as You Age

It is a little known fact that your dietary needs change as you get older. It isn’t lost on me. I used to be able to eat sugar with zero consequence. Now, if someone mentions the word churros, I put on half a kilo, and feel a little flat for a few hours. 

Every decade from your 30s, you lose muscle mass. It can be as much as 8% every ten years, and if you didn’t have a lot to begin with, you could be in a tricky place by your 70s. This effect is called sarcopenia and it is responsible for many of the fractures and general lack of strength in the elderly. Sustagen combats this by adding just the right amount of protein into your diet. You might not be bench pressing as an octogenarian, but there is a noticeable difference between people who get enough protein and those that don’t.

As you get older, your appetite generally wanes a bit. Now, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can leave you deficient in the vitamins and minerals necessary for good health. As such, Sustagen includes calcium and vitamin D to support bone strength so that if/when you take a slight tumble in your latter years, you don’t automatically fracture something. This avoids hospital time, reducing your risk of infection… The more I think of it, this is a lifesaver! I’m being hyperbolic, but only just. 

Here’s another goody: fibre! It isn’t commonly spoken about but constipation is blight on the elderly, and with the appetite waning, losing fibre compounds the problem. Sustagen is pretty rich in fibre so you can feel as regular as your average 20 year old!

Supporting your General Well Being

I’ve made it sound like only the elderly need these in their diet. This is not the case. Sustagen is beneficial to anyone who might like to live their best lives now (hint: this is probably you). 

It contains probiotics to maintain digestive and gut health. I’ve written many blog posts celebrating the importance of good gut health. Scientists refer to it now as the ‘second brain’ because it has such an important role in your mental and physical health. 

Additionally, it contains antioxidants. This is that little magic ingredient which helps delay the ageing process by protecting your cells from the wear and tear of everyday life. See, your body produces something called ‘Free Radicals’ (I think I saw a punk band in the 70s with this very same name). Generally, these aren’t too bad for you, but if you find yourself exposed to too much sun, or engaging in too strenuous exercise, they can rise up abd bite the hand that feeds. We are talking various cancers and heart disease. Not fun. Antioxidants boost your immunity to these cells, and they also support your immune system so you don’t spend your best years feeling worn down and sick. Sustagen is great for elderly people, but if you take it while you’re young, you will stave off old age for as long as possible. 

Supporting your High Activity Lifestyle 

OK, you might think that none of this is for you. You are young, fit, and healthy. What possible need could you have for a nutritional supplement? Well, Sustagen has a special range for you. It is rich in protein to help repair all the muscles you have been building. The way you get stronger is by actually fatiguing the muscles until they tear slightly. Then your body fills in that gap with protein and you are left with a bigger muscle. But if you aren’t getting enough protein, your body doesn’t have anything to fill the gap with, and it patches together much smaller than it otherwise might have. If you’re wanting to get thin or thick (I notice the kids are spelling it thicc now?) Protein is your friend.

It also contains low GI energy. Rather than a huge sugar hit which gives you stacks of energy in the immediate and then dizzying letheraly in the aftermath, Sustagen drip feeds the energy into your system slowly. That means you aren’t fatigued as quickly, and you can persevere through your rigorous gym class without taking breaks. 

FInally, it contains iron which reduces tiredness and supports the energy production within your body. If you have ever seen anyone who is iron deficient, they will look slightly pale, and will be incredibly lethargic. We want to avoid that wherever possible if you lead a physically active lifestyle.

Hopefully that clears up matters. The most misunderstood product in a pharmacy can be understood finally! As I always say with any supplement, ideally you wouldn’t need them. In a perfect world, your weekly meals should cover all of your dietary needs. But if you suspect that maybe you aren’t quite hitting the mark, something like sustagen is an incredibly helpful little cover-all to paper over the cracks. Just add water and stir! Voila 


Floyd - Senior Pharmacist 


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