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I am always amused by the people (men) who propagate this idea that woman is the weaker vessel. Sure, I understand that this comes from a more patriarchal time, where women were expected to be more domestic and docile, but simply because something may have been true and accurate in one period of time, that does not mean that this becomes a fact of life.

Why do I think this? Simple. Have you ever witnessed a woman give birth?

I have. Twice. The physical and mental endurance required to birth another human being into the world is simply next level. I am sure I would be begging the doctors to pull the plug on me twenty minutes in.

Anyhow, one of my favourite things about running a pharmacy is that I can provide new mums out there with every possible comfort to make motherhood as easy as it can possibly be (which as it turns out, it still pretty bloody hard). Come with me as I take you down the online pharmacy aisle of maternal products. 


Many people feel very strongly on the matter of baby formula, to the extent that it becomes a moral issue. I have a few problems with this. Firstly, it isn’t really anyone else’s business. But secondly, some women don’t have a choice. Sometimes milk production can cease early and there is simply not enough for the baby. I can only imagine that this must be difficult for a new mother. It leads very quickly to feelings of unworthiness or being incapable as a mum. Imagine then someone rolling their eyes at you for picking up a tub of formula from the shelf. It’s not OK. Whilst breastfeeding is perhaps a preferable option if that suits your circumstances, baby formula in the 21st century has been clinically tested to be healthy and safe as a substitute.

Teething Products

One of the most difficult things about parenting is that everytime you think you’re doing a great job, something happens to mess with that newfound confidence. For many new parents, that something is teething. The teeth are just beginning to push through their gums and they become red and irritated, which gives you a screaming baby. This can begin happening from four months, and can continue on until they are two or three years old. You just need to pray to whatever God you believe in that many of them come at once so you can get it all over in one hit. To quote Peter Cundall, my favourite host of Gardening Australia, “There’s nothing you can do. But there is one thing you can do!” Buy that child some teething products! Our online pharmacy Australia has a range of teething toys for chewing. Consider when you have some level of dental pain. Have you ever noticed that it feels good to apply light pressure? Chewing on a teething toy does the same thing for babies. Here’s a hot tip: put them in the freezer first. The cold numbs a lot of the pain and might give you a few minutes sans screaming. Should the teething toy not work, this online pharmacy also stocks teething gel. Using an anaesthetic called Benzocaine, the gel numbs the pain of teething pretty effectively, although most doctors recommend you try more natural methods first.

Baby panadol

Here’s the reality of parenting. They get sick. Their immune systems are still working out how to fight off the nasties that show up in the real world. But like with teething, their only way to express their pain is to scream. It’s an awful feeling as a parent. It’s even worse when it is at 3am. Children’s panadol is the kind of thing you don’t need right up until the moment you need it more than anything else in the world. Panadol! My kingdom for some panadol! It is worth picking up a bottle early from an online pharmacy Australia so that you’re prepared when it happens. When not if

It is worth saying that giving young children the kind of medication you might use is not advisable. The childrens’ range has been specifically designed to give them the right amount of paracetamol so as to not overload their system. It is also much easier to get it in. The flavours are actually pretty tasty and the syringe means that you can get it to the back of their throat to ensure they are actually ingesting the medicine. Asking them to swallow a sticky white tablet doesn’t usually end all that well.

Baby powder

Cast your mind back to your childhood. Do you remember those long summer days spent in swimmers, and the cowboy rash that would flare up in the aftermath? This is a common occurrence for babies who wear wet nappies for too long. A red rash begins to spread around their groin, genitals and buttocks. You know how painful this is. Baby powder is a great way to dry out these moist areas to fight the rash back into submission. Browse our online pharmacy Australia to find a wide range of baby powders or oils. Get some today, benefit tomorrow.


When a baby is unwell, one of the first things any doctor will do is check their temperature. Knowing whether they are running a temperature or not narrows the scope significantly. Whenever a child gets sick, they will inevitably get some kind of a fever. Whether or not that fever becomes a problem depends entirely on how hot they go. Using a thermometer will give you the peace of mind that things are actually normal. By the same token, If your thermometer is getting a reading over 38 degrees, you should head to Emergency ASAP.

So there you have it. Whether you are a parent, or a friend of a parent, you can make all the difference by having all of the right gear. And an online pharmacy is the perfect place to pick it up!

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